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In business, out of sight means out of mind, so keeping in regular contact with customers and prospects makes good commercial sense. Sending a regular newsletter or blog means you won’t fall off their radar and they’ll know how to get in touch when they need you. We can help you create stories for your blog and help you to produce informative, entertaining newsletters that will keep your company foremost in your customers' minds.

Copywriting advice
rom Steve Jordan, Managing Director

It all seems such a good idea doesn’t it.  You can almost picture the scene in the meeting room.  “Let’s write a newsletter every month and e-mail it to our customers,” says Jamie from marketing.  “Then we can use the stories for a blog to help us keep our website fresh and improve our SEO.” 

Spot on Jamie, that college course was obviously worth the money.  Newsletters do help to keep customers engaged and you can use the stories in a blog.  So are you going to write it? 

This is the point at which Jamie back pedals a bit.  Suddenly he is a bit pushed for time so maybe Neil, the intern, could do it, he’s not got much to do and it will help him learn more about the industry.  Great idea.

Bad idea.  That is, it’s a bad idea unless Neil is a real find who has the ability to recognise a good story, motivate people to supply information, write like John Simpson and look after the design too.  If so, it’s time you paid him a salary and gave him a company pension.  Even then it will probably do OK for an issue or two then poor old Neil will run out of steam – probably because you’ll give him another job to do as well.

Writing a newsletter is a great idea for most businesses, but it requires discipline and a bit of talent too.  It’s got to be interesting, short and, preferably, a bit funny sometimes.  The key thing is to make sure it’s out on time.  Don’t plan to do it monthly and fail.  Much better to go for a bi-monthly production and succeed.  And don’t start then give up after a while because it’s too hard and you’ve run out of material.  There’s no need ever to run out of material as long as you employ a little lateral thinking.

Our job is to make sure your newsletter doesn’t fail.  We help you research the stories, write them in an engaging way, design them and get them out on time, every time, on the dot.

That’s how it works

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