GEA Highlights Compression Technology at ACHEMA 2015

May 18, 2015
With GEA’s integrated process solutions, customer-inspired innovation and unparalleled expertise, there’s no limits, no boundaries, just Infinite Possibilities.

GEA Group, a world-class supplier of pharmaceutical equipment and technology, will highlight its solid dosage manufacturing expertise at the upcoming ACHEMA 2015 trade show (Hall 4, Stand F46) in Frankfurt, Germany (15–19 June), showcasing innovative new developments in compression, containment and continuous processing.

“For more than a hundred years, our innovation, driven by our passion for excellence, has pioneered tablet compression technology, allowing pharmaceutical and industrial companies to prosper, produce extraordinary products and change people’s lives,” says Johan Van Evelghem, Sales Director, Pharma Compression. 

“GEA’s tableting technologies include a unique system that independently and simultaneously measures and controls both tablet weight and hardness, and a weight control system that provides increased sensitivity at lower forces. Our presses offer extended dwell times — up to 300% — resulting in higher outputs and enhanced productivity. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he adds.

PERFORMA™ Lite: Small, Fast and Versatile

On-stand at the show, GEA will be displaying the PERFORMA™ Lite, a cost-effective version of its market-leading PERFORMA™ P rotary tablet press. The PERFORMA™ Lite is small, fast and versatile, and has been designed for medium-scale solid dosage form production at rates of up to 320,000 tablets per hour. In addition, the PERFORMA™ Lite benefits from an exchangeable turret, which enables format changeover in just 30 minutes using a semi-automatic exchange sequence, easy cleaning and ready access to the compression area for maintenance. The machine is equipped with replaceable upper guides, removable scraper seals and die seats, and an optional constant level feeding system. When performance, flexibility and process control really matter, the PERFORMA™ Lite is your tablet press of choice.


Wash-off-Line Exchangeable Compression Module (WOL-ECM)

The exhibits will also include GEA’s Wash-off-Line Exchangeable Compression Module (WOL-ECM). When dealing with highly potent substances, tablet compression can be challenging. Much more than a conventional exchangeable die table, the ECM is a sealed unit that’s isolated from the remainder of the tablet press and not only contains the turret and compression tooling, but all the product-contact parts as well. Providing both operator and product safety, the WOL-ECM can be easily removed and replaced with a clean unit in just 30 minutes for fast product changeovers of less than 2 hours. Offering easy cleaning, high throughput and removing any risk of cross-contamination, this extremely short changeover time results in unmatched efficiencies and flexible tablet production. Visit the stand to experience the off-line washing procedure.

Live MUPS Tablet Production Demonstration

Also in action, a GEA MODUL™ P tablet press will be producing MUPS tablets during the show. MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellet System) is a pharmaceutical solid dosage form produced by compressing a mixture of drug-containing pellets and powder excipients. An innovative MUPS tablet production line has been developed by the company that eliminates segregation and significantly increases process yields.

Once compressed, the MUPS tablets will be fed into GEA’s ConsiGma™ continuous coater. Designed as part of the company’s integrated tableting solution, the ConsiGma™ high speed drum coater can apply decorative and functional coatings using both aqueous and solvent-based suspensions. WOL-compatible for fast changeovers, this plug flow-based technology offers short process times and virtually no scale-up. 

New Visual Tablet Inspection System

Also on display at ACHEMA, the TVIS-NSE system, in collaboration with Viswill, is now available from GEA. Based on the concept of “less is more,” Viswill has added a new model to its NS series of visual tablet inspection systems. Specifically designed for the European market, the TVIS-NSE sets new quality standards by combining high speed, highly accurate inspection with GMP compliance and user-friendly implementation. ​

In addition to colour cameras supplied as standard, the TVIS-NSE also features 3D laser technology, enabling accurate and stable images of embossed tablets to be taken. Plus, compared with the conventional direct-lighting technology widely used on other inspection systems, the 3D laser provides stable, clear and sharp images without the unwanted noise caused by light reflecting off the surface and edges of the tablet. GEA, the exclusive distributor of the Viswill range in Europe, has a full-option TVIS-NSE available for trials at its facilities in Halle (Belgium).

Innovative, Unique Tablet Presses

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s more to be revealed. “Innovation brings challenges, but it’s a challenge we welcome,” notes Johan. “We’re constantly looking to overcome hurdles with new technology and present new, unique solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. At ACHEMA this year, we’re going to do exactly that,” he added: “We’re taking the concept of Infinite Possibilities to the next level and we’re looking forward to making a significant product announcement during the show.”

GEA is widely recognised as a market leader in many fields of business. The company is renowned for its experience, expertise and innovation and, inspired by the dedication of its employees, designs, tests and develops core technologies to provide the widest range of solutions and after-sales service in the market. To arrange an appointment or request further information, please contact



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