GEA Strengthens Pharmaceutical Solids Technology Business

Oct 29, 2015
GEA introduces a more centralized, streamlined and standardized administrative structure to improve operations, bring the company closer to its key markets and enhance the customer experience.

As part of the company’s “Fit for 2020” project, GEA is introducing a new global group configuration to optimize its organizational structure, reduce current levels of complexity and maintain a competitive position in an increasingly challenging market environment. 

During this transitional phase, the company, one of the largest suppliers of technology for the food sector and a wide range of other process-based industries, remains committed to designing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing market-leading plant, technology and components for sophisticated production processes, particularly the life science and pharmaceutical industries. 

Frans K.A. Maas, Group Vice President, Solid Dosage Technologies, commented: “We’re strengthening our service offering by pooling certain engineering capacities. The pharmaceutical sector remains a key strategic area for GEA and, as such, our regional clients and global customers can not only expect and rely on business as usual, but will soon benefit from better business performance and stronger partnerships.” 

“Operating a consolidated Solid Dosage team will bring GEA closer to the market and make it easier for our customers to communicate with us. Offering local sales and service through enhanced country organizations, alongside our existing network of agents, will also bring greater access to all areas of our business. Continuity of supply and service for our solids processing technologies, such as material handling, granulation, compression and containment, is assured, and GEA will continue to invest and remain a global leader in both batch-based and continuous solid dosage applications,” he added. 

As a result of the structured relocation of functions in Europe, the company’s manufacturing footprint will be optimized. All major products, technologies, specialists, skillsets and resources will be retained, key contacts will remain the same and projects that are currently under way will be completed as planned. Furthermore, GEA is investing in improved testing, training, demonstration and development centers for all of its pharmaceutical solid dosage technologies in Belgium. 

“GEA remains dedicated to the global pharmaceutical industry and will continue to offer the highly innovative process plant and products that have been successfully developed by the company to date. As we further invest in world-class technology, laboratory capabilities and value-added customer services, we’re demonstrating our long-term commitment to the drug manufacturing sector,” said Phil Gabb, Group Director, Sales Support. 

For more information, contact or visit the new website (, which is now clearly divided into products, applications and services.

Photo:  ConsiGma Continuous Tablet Manufacturing by GEA

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