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Your website is often the first contact a customer has with your company, so making a good impression is vital if you’re going to win their business. Good design is important, but the words you use are the online voice of your company, so their tone and style must reflect the personality and values of your brand. 

We can help you create engaging web content that will enhance your online presence and get you noticed in search engine rankings.

Writing web content: how it works
By Steve Jordan, Managing Director

Well it all depends on what you are trying to do of course.  If you are a start-up company, looking for a simple site that puts you on the Internet map, we will probably be able to write you something that does the job from just a 30-minute chat on the phone.  It’s not expensive and it will make sure you have text that gets your message across quickly, concisely and that nobody’s going to laugh at you because you’ve got an apostrophe out of place. 

Beyond that, we really need to spend a little time with you.  We also need to have a chat with your design team to make sure we get the SEO right.  I don’t think you should offer customers generic, bland text that could easily have been ‘borrowed’ from a competitor.  You have to be different, you have to be you.  To get the information and the feel for your company we will need to come to see you, to understand not only what you do but why you do it.  What is it that makes you special?  Sorry, but that takes time and time costs money.  That’s just the way it is I’m afraid.

There is one alternative.  You could have a go yourself, just to get the important facts down, not to try to mimic Shakespeare.  We can then sprinkle a little magic dust on your text to make it tell the story in a memorable, elegant and engaging way.

The choice is yours.

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